Do not resist chances.

Take them like vitamins.

Let go of the breaks,

see what happens of you go five more miles.
Foot bridges be damned,

find your own way across.

Don’t worry about the bumps and bruises.
our body can take them.

Don’t steer around the bits that scare you

Go over them. Go through them.

Do something the guy in the bowling league
would be terrified of.

You will feel your chin rise up from your chest
and you’ll be able to see what’s around you.

What’s ahead of you

And there will be one less thing you cannot do.

~ Author Unknown ~

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  1. So fine and wise words…
    …might be the key to the a “manifestation of progress” emerging from within…

  2. Does this theme support a calendar plugin? I’ve install the plugin and my dashboard says it’s there but I can’t see how to get it to actually appear on my site?

  3. This was part of a Nike print ad campaign in the mid-90’s.
    I believe they actually produced the quote/poem.
    I have 3 other ads with similar inspirations in a frame
    in my office. Though they may have been copyrighted
    from another author.

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