Peach Fractal

Peach Fractal

I just finished a new wordpress theme called peach fractal. I am pretty happy with how it came out. All feedback is welcome!



Download Peach Fractal v1.0

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  1. I just downloaded the peach fractal theme and I’m new to word press. how do I install this to my blog.

  2. download and extract it. and then upload the folder to wp-contents/themes/

  3. hey
    Nice theme, very nice indeed.
    My mother in law is currently using it.
    I would like to ask a question though…
    It would seem that every other comment left by people is displayed in black, with black font.
    Making it illegible.
    Is this due to a wordpress setting or something in the PHP/CSS?
    I can’t find any setting related to this so if it’s the latter, could you point me towards the right direction so I can fix it for her?

    Thanks in advance

    ps; feel free to email with the info if you can.

  4. I’ve been using this theme for a couple of weeks, and I’m mostly very pleased with it, apart from one thing: Every other comment is black, which makes it unreadable unless I highlight it. Is there any way around this?

  5. I really love the theme. I am nearly finished building my site with this theme and having some challenges. Wonder if you can help.

    1. The page names cannot be read against the fractal background. Is there any way the page names can be listed in the bar below? I’m reconsidering this theme if this cannot be changed.

    2. Is there any way the page name must be on each page? It seems to take up unnecessary space.

    3. It is noted that there are pull down menus. Where do these pull down from?
    4. Finally, where will the facebook and linkedIn icons be places.

    I hope to go live next week. Thank you so much for your response.


  6. hi Mike,
    WOW! I just love your work.

    I just installed Peach Fractal at but was very sad to see that the cat is not included in the package. Do you know where I can get it?
    Thank you for your generosity!

  7. I love this theme! Thanks for the great job. I get comments like “warm, welcoming, fun!” a lot.

    One problem I have is on the header on the main page – for some reason, the right blog records are superimposed over the header – how can I delete that? Thanks again, Dee

  8. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really like your themes. The fact that you release them for free is awesome. Your work is appreciated.

    Rock on!

  9. I just found Peach Fractal and I really like the look of it.
    But I noticed that there are at least 2 things that need fixing. I put a Recent Comment widget in the sidebar and the link for the person’s name was white on a white background (it was near the bottom), so I couldn’t see it.
    The other thing is that blockquotes are a black box with black text! (residue from Inferno?)
    I haven’t tried everything yet, but those 2 glaring things should be changed.

    Oh yeah, it lists 6 different sidebars when you go to Widgets. I put something on each one to figure out where they were. The widgets for left and right all showed up on the right. And the widgets I put on the footer did not show up at all.
    One more thing that I noticed is the post metadata has a box around it, which is very jarring and doesn’t go with the soft flow of the rest of the theme. It also looks funny when there is no metadata in the box (like no tags) to have an empty box sitting there.

  10. Hello! This is a beautiful template. Thank you for your generosity in creating and distributing it.
    I am unfamiliar with coding and I was wondering how I would be able to change the Drop-down menu categories from all lowercase letters to
    uppercase letters.

    Thank you again.



  11. I cannot post comments in Firefox and IE6. Its a pretty long comment with links. When I click submit button I get a blank page.
    So trying a short comment. I have a wp-login 403 error after installing your template

  12. Hello I just downloaded and installed this theme.
    My comments settings are “users are required to login to post comments”
    So when I click on post a comment. It gives me a link, “login to comment”
    When I click on that it gives me wp-login.php cannot be accessed and also tells me page not found.
    When I refresh the pages again it gives me 404 error(as it is redirecting back to the comment page).
    I reinstalled by blog again. Did not activate any plugins.
    The login to post comments link works fine.
    After that installing the template it does not work again.
    If I uninstall the template it does not work. I have to restore a backup of the site(which I took before installing the template).
    I did the excercise twice. I restored the backup the link correctly went to the login page.
    After that I again installed the template it does not work. and again restored backup and it was working(I did this just to be sure)
    Also my wordpress is fantastico install on a *nix server with php mysql installed. WordPress works perfectly (everything else was working fine I had GD rating and akismet plugins installed. Oh I had SFC facebook plugin installed with was not working, but I think it must be the plugins fault) with your template if logged in from the login link(in the MEta) it logs in perfectly and I can post comments.
    Only when I click on the “login to post comments” link it gives me 401 and an additional 404 error.(also check it with default permalink, its not a permalinks problem)

    Any idea whats wrong with the template
    Thank you

  13. Had to remove the links and now the comment is posted(i think a warning that my post contains links would have been ideal)

  14. I am using peach fractal for the theme for this site. What a great looking theme! I would love to use the picture of the kitten that you have in the exemplar. Is it available?



  15. p.s. It’s a cat site.

  16. Hey . great job on the theme creation, I wish I had knowledge to create one. I just downloaded this for my wife’s blog. Thanks again

  17. can this be a 3 sided template?? do you have any video tutorials for implementing changes??

  18. This is such a warm, vibrant theme! Thank you for generously sharing your work with us!!

    I am wondering if there is a way to place the menu in the bar above the page content instead of having categories there. Also, is there a way to remove the content from that area altogether?

    Thanks for any insight.

  19. I’ve got the same problem as you,

  20. Works wonderful! Thanks for your nice work!,lucy

  21. No problems here,lucy

  22. Hello,

    I am using this great theme (thanks for sharing!) for my newborn daughter – I am writing posts in German and am trying to use the plugin Transposh to tranlate from German to English – unfortunately I can not translate into English – when switching to english or german there is no translation happening. Contacted the people from transposh – they looked at it and said that its because the theme uses the option ‘en’. Is this something that I could fix somehow? changing the language to ‘de’ (deutsch)?

    Thanks for the help!

  23. Is there a fix for every other comment being black on black and illegible yet?

  24. I like this theme, it’s very elegant. Can you please advise me on how to get rid of the “leave a comment” and “more” boxes at the bottom on the post page? I just don’t need it for my purposes. I’d be grateful if you can advise. Thanks!

  25. Did you go to school in Boston? Your name seems familiar, I just can’t remember from where.

  26. Hello I really liked your theme, except my right sidebar/column used White Lettering for RSS feeds (and what not) and when you scrolled down my page, these words disappeared. Very hard to read the right column/sidebar. Couldn’t set colors. I couldn’t find where to fix this. And I could NOT get the little Comments Box under my posts to work. or where to remove them. Very nice, just couldn’t use it. Thank you. Happy New Year.

  27. Is there a way to suppress dates? Thanks.

  28. Love this theme. Looks like I have some of the same issues as previous comments. How do I change the comments from having black backgrounds? Thanks.

  29. Just found you and the peach fractal is absolutely beautiful – so pleased and I am setting up a new site with it – – well done and keep up the good work – there is a shortage of “energy” sites.

  30. tahnks for the theme.
    I need to know how to delete the wording at the right hand side of every page. It says Howdy etc. Please if any1 knows how to do this i would be very greaful. Thank you

  31. I absolutely love the peach fractal look, the colours are gorgeous. However after using it for a few weeks I began to find problems with it. It says it is a 2 or 3 column theme but it is definitely only 2 and not set up for three. I had to go into the html (which I know next to nothing about)to remove the howdy welcome message from the top of the right sidebar. The right sidebar is set at a very narrow width and not easy if not impossible to change – this means that widgets like the Facebook one need to be resized to fit properly and if I put an icontact subscribe to my newsletter form in the right side bar it appears squashed and unappealing due to the sidebar width. I’ve also had widgets just disappear with the html erased. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the theme or my host either way I am so very sad to have to stop using this theme. Please improve it so all of us that love it can keep it alive.

  32. I really want to use this theme, but there are many issues, especially the sidebar. I am hoping that an update is coming soon to address all the above issues. If so, I will continue to use it.

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