Inferno Version 1.3

Inferno Version 1.3

I just finished creating another variation on the inferno theme. After posting v1.1.2 I got a lot of feedback about the white links, most people seem to like the original, which had orange links. So I have changed the links back to orange and also made quite a few other changes.




Feedback is welcome 🙂

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  1. Hey Sanders,

    Very nice theme, thank you. It’s almost what I was looking for, but it seems impossible:

    The background should stay visible and locked when you scroll down. And the pagebackground shouldn’t be part of the fire-background like now, but how to get a transparent background? Opacity….

    I don’t care if we get it working in this WordPress-format or that we get it done in a custom XHTML website. I’m a designer as well, and this stuff should be mandatory/ readily available.

    Wanna work on it with me/ help out?
    There is a big market for websites with topdesign, whereas there are sooo many technical/ database providers!

    I like your style!


  2. Hello..

    Love the theme. Its dark but clean. Simple but catchy. But how to enable the recent post menu at the sidebar. I go to the widget page but I can not add recent post menu.

    Thank you..

  3. I love this theme. I am using version 1.2 of this theme on my website.

    I would really like it if I could insert an banner image at the top – especially if it could be semi-transparent.

    Any way to achieve this?


  4. Hey love the update, except the removal of the header, ie the section at the very top that was seperate from the rest of the blog with the blog title and slogan on. WOuld apreciate a vers 1.4 with this put back from the original inferno

    KEEP IT UP!!!!…


  5. Hey, this is a great theme. I customized it a bit on my site. I see though, that the wp_footer(); command is executed twice in footer.php. Is there any reason for this or just a bug? It basically causes all tracking on my pages to appear twice – the obvious solution is to remove one of the two.

  6. I still prefer version 1.2, but then I’ve always liked the Verdana font more than Arial.

  7. This is a great theme and just what I was looking for to use on our campaign site.

    Is there a way I can remove the links to pages at the top of the page?
    It’s only this that is stopping me from using it.

    Hope someone can help me.

    Cheers Si

  8. Hey dude! nice job on this theme. Im usin it on my blog, and, the unique feature missed here its an logo , and an option, with 2 bars. but the theme is awesome.

    sorry for my english … im rusty with it.

    thanks, hugs, Grello.

  9. I just started using this theme and it has been great to work with. I’m loving it. quick question – how do I get the right side bar to appear on all of my pages – not just the home page? (post and email the answer please)

    Thanks – keep up the great work

  10. Hy, the themes is very nice… Actually the most interesting thing is the fire… Is there any way you could give me the background picture ? 🙂 I mean the clean background (only fire) :d
    I would be very very happy ;;) 😀

  11. Hey, I really love version 1.3! Could you email me and tell me though how I can get the header back that was in 1.2? I also would like to know how to remove the RSS feed icon from the footer since I have a widget that already points to a feedburner stream. Thanks.

    I would love to see an alternate version of this them made available that offers multiple sidebars.

  12. I figured out how to remove the RSS icon from the footer but am scratching my head on how to restore the header from ver.1.2.

  13. We at Kitty Corp: Meow Mix (The Largest Super Smash Bros. Hacking Site on the Net) – Enjoy the layout very much. We’ve made some major modifications, but have made sure the original skeleton was yours. 😉

    Also, It’s background is completely un-centered in IE… any reasons behind that? I never checked the original to make sure it was centered in IE before I modified it… so I’m not sure.

    Thanks, let me know via the email I used to post this.

    Jack H.

  14. This is a brilliant theme I have downloaded it but now have to find a subject to populate it with lol. Thanks it looks superb

  15. Hi Mike,
    I’m using your template on my website . It’s a really great piece of work! (your template I mean 🙂 ) I adapted the background image to fit the website but the rest of the template is still the same.
    Because the background remains at the top, I would like to limit the number of entries on the homepage to 3 or 4, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Can you please tell me how I could achieve this?

  16. Hi Mike, I wondered if you have the PSD for the Background at all as I am tweaking your theme for a friend who likes it but wanted 2 sidebars which I have done but could do with changing to background to match the new width.


  17. I love this theme, it was just what I was looking for. I am having an issue placing a custom image into the header. I got my inmage into the header by simply changing the header.php and header-imp.php. My only problem is there is not height or width code for a header image, so image is only showing the very bottom of the image or what would fit into the present header dimensions. Can you please give me the code to insert to change the px height to 630 and width to 278?

    Thank You.

  18. nice nice nice. I love this theme. inferno new version….

  19. Im in the middle of creating a new website using this theme, I love this theme its perfect for what I do. Although Im not a PHP programmer and know little html. However Ive noticed I cant create custom navi bar headers through the WP control panel with this theme. Is this true? If so is there a way I can re-code this theme so that I can?

    Thanks Jeremy

  20. I absolutely love this theme. However, there are a very few things I wouldn’t mind you changing.

    1) Separate the content “frame” from the background so that people can have a “fixed” background for the whole page.
    2) Make the content and sidebar scroll under the header. i.e. make the header stay in place on the page.

    Great job. I love it!

  21. Great theme, respect! One question – how do I edit the font in the sidebar? Many thanks.

  22. Fantastic theme, fits perfectly with what I was wanting to do with my new blog.

    Thanks heaps for the hard work!

  23. Awesome theme! 🙂

    But I was thinking, it would be really cool if you could make a Tron-like theme!? Maybe over the Inferno theme but then change the background a bit:)

    I really like your style so I am hoping your going to try it:)

    Keep up the good work man!!!


  24. The theme is wonderful. My question though is this… can you incorporate the footer widget area. For WordPress 3.1.2 it has more functionality and I don’t see that option in this theme. The way the header is on the 1.2 Inferno version that top bar can be incorporated into a bottom footer bar. I love the design and the transparency, even with customizing the background a bit, your theme seems to be the best functioning for multitude of uses.

    So the only changes in my opinion would be to add the functionality that you have with the footer widget area. I was thinking on a second side bar, but that is rather optional… Also the side bar is a bit narrow, but I think if you don’t put an image gallery of any sort in there on the side.. narrow space is ok… but might want to have the ability to make it a little bigger (that is just a thought I had when I was trying to do something else).

    Nice work!

  25. This is like Fine art, Creators of this theme I have used this one for about a year and get good feedback about your theme all the time, Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work, I pay it forward.
    Have A Terrific Day mjsacco

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