WordPress Theme: Inferno updated

Thanks for all the positive feedback on Inferno. I made a few changes to it which will hopefully improve the overall look and feel of the theme.

Download: Inferno-mf v1.1.2

Here is a list of what changed:
Removed the white background color that was showing up on every other blog comment.
Set the color of the input field to dark grey to help it blend with the rest of the theme
Changed the link text color to white and the link text hover color to Orange.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. 🙂

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  1. Firstly, love the theme. I think it works extrremely well, and I’ve started using it on my first blog. I really hope you continue to churn out quality themes like this, as they’re fantastic to use.

    A couple of minor points though:

    In style.css, for p.wp-caption-text, I’ve set color to #3f3f3f in order to make it stand out against the white background. If I’ve missed something, please let me know.

    The 404 page provided doesn’t seem to work on my installation.

    If you could fix these (feel free to take a look at my site for an idea of the probs) that would be great. Other than that, many thanks for the theme!

  2. Hello, thank you for the Inferno theme!

    I suggest
    – an option to show the Authors, around the date of the post or addition to the posts title or at the bottom beside category
    – some artful background for the footer if possible, contrasting inferno background. Electricity comes in my mind dunno

    Haven’t quite swallowed the change of links to white.. but I will get used to it, but I wish:
    – more width to the bar left to quotes

    thank you for rocking!

  3. Any chance of a 3 column or 4 column version?

  4. I have been killing myself trying to get rid of the white boxes in the comments. This update rocks. I do miss the orange links, but at least is looks uniform this way and the comment area looks tons better. Great theme.

  5. Hey man, great theme! Using it for my website, going to do some minor changes to it when ever i get the time :p

    Sites in swedish if u watch it btw :p But thanks again 🙂

  6. Perfection! I shall update our site at once!

  7. I love it, tho Ill probably dink with some images. One concern: Using the tag throws the sidebar off for some reason. Yeah, sounds weird, but having it there puts the sidebar down below all the posts, and not having it there fixes it. Any clue as to what’s doing that? I’m trying to pitch modifying this theme to the owner of the site I’m doing so it would be great if there was a quick solution to this.

  8. for some reason, i get this error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_class() in /home/blah/public_html/wp-content/themes/inferno-mf/index.php on line 15

    If i remove the line, the blog displays however, the column doesn’t.

    I prefer the look of this to the 1.3, so if you could let me know where i’ve gone wrong, i would appreciate it.



  9. @Mr9
    Are you running the most recent version of wordpress?

  10. i’m not sure, i’ve installed it from fantastico, but i’ll try a fresh install and see if that makes a difference

  11. ok, i updated my wordpress with a new install and the theme works fine.

    thanks & good job too.

  12. @Mr9: Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback:)

  13. Could I hire you to do some custom work on this theme?

  14. will not down load??? can i use the bk round separatly, we have a burn foundation and i think if every thing is black too depressing wont get enough donantion, thank you

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